Watchme Tutorial

WatchMe allows you to search for and download TV series episodes from the Internet. If you know the season and episode number you can search directly for the episode. Or WatchMe can display the episode names for each season to help you find the episode you are looking for. Here is how it works. To [...]

Vortex Tutorial

Vortex introduces a new dimension in productivity. With Vortex you can quickly and easily manage files, folders, and text. Use Vortex to compress/uncompress, convert, download, edit, and much more. Vortex knows what actions are available for your selection and gives you quick access to the process. With Vortex you have quick access to system commands to help you manage your system. Vortex also provides single source access to common text editing commands allowing on the fly formatting and editing. And Vortex can search for and download music and episode video files.

Musicbox Tutorial

OVERVIEW Musicbox allows you to quickly and easily download audio from most all of the popular sites on the Internet. Then, it can also convert it to different formats so it’s ready to view on your Mac, ipod, iphone or in iTunes. Furthermore, you can automatically extract the audio from almost any video there (courses, [...]

Videobox Tutorial

OVERVIEW Videobox allows you to quickly and easily download Flash video from most all of the popular video sites on the Internet. Videobox can convert the video into the Quicktime format so it’s ready to view on your Mac, ipod, iphone or in iTunes. Videobox can also convert files to other popular video file formats [...]

Web Snapper Tutorial

OVERVIEW Web Snapper allows you to capture full web pages from your Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox browser with a single mouse click without the need to “stitch” or cut and paste individual screenshots. You can save the page capture as an image file – most popular types supported – or as a vector based [...]

What the F..inder?!

Wow – here’s a weird one from our Cupertino friends: if you create an application that can open a certain type of document, and then try to drag a document of the right type on your application icon in the Finder, the delegate’s application:openFile: method never gets called on Lion! However, place your app in [...]

Kitty retires

Well, we were thinking about it, and we think it’s about time: sometime in January 2012, all TastyApps applications will be Mac OS X 10.6+ only – the Leopard (10.5) is tired, and needs some rest. We will try and release one last version of each of our main application before then, but be aware [...]

It’s a… Hmmm. Well, it’s tasty, whatever it is…

Today we are very excited to release Tidy, our latest tasty application. It’s been a long time since we last gave e-birth, so we were long overdue for some fresh tastiness! Contrary to popular belief, uninstalling an application from your Mac these days is not just about dragging it to the trash: that leaves all [...]

Thank you Steve – for everything

Let me start by saying, I am one of those Apple fanatics. But in light of what has happened this week, I decided to allow myself to be one publicly. We lost a great man last Wednesday. A visionary, a genius. Steve Jobs gave a face to Apple. With him at the helm, it truly [...]

Technical Support: now it’s personal.

I hope we can all agree that there are not a lot of application ideas out there that haven’t been tapped into. There are some, of course, but chances are if you have a new application idea and check out your potential competitors – there are some. But that’s all good, and even healthy: you [...]