About us

We are a small team of passionate people: we want to do clean, simple & useful apps. Tasty apps. We love the Mac, and are committed to the platform. And we are in this to help people – through our apps, but also through our exceptional customer service.

Press and Media

Oh goody! You want to spread the word! Excellent – here’s our press kit.

The kitchen staff

Tim Breslin – front of the house: You know that suave man that welcomes good clients at the restaurant, and books the acts for the live show? That’s Tim. He is the genius behind TastyApps – a virtual foodie.

Tom Breslin – maitre d’: Tom is the one you get to talk to when you write to us. You’re in good hands with him. He’s the main reason our technical support is so awesome.

Alberto Illobre – chef: Alberto is the master hand behind the delightful taste (and some indigestions!). As a good chef, he only gets out of the kitchen to hear positive reviews…

Have some e-pastry skills?

One of the good things about a small team is that it has room to grow!
If you are interested in joining our team, we are always looking for good coders and graphic designers.
Just write us a note - we’re out of pencils, but you can use ketchup, mustard, etc…