Watchme Tutorial

WatchMe allows you to search for and download TV series episodes from the Internet. If you know the season and episode number you can search directly for the episode. Or WatchMe can display the episode names for each season to help you find the episode you are looking for. Here is how it works.

To start, enter Series name in Search box.

Click the search icon (magnifying glass) or hit your Enter (Return) key.

In the results area below the search bar, sources will be shown. There may be more than one since similar series names are sometimes available.

Results will have 2 action icons to the right, a curved Show seasons arrow that will display available seasons and a magnifying glass Search episodes icon that, if you know the episode name, will allow you to enter the episode name in the search box to search all episodes of the series.

If you selected a season above, choose your episode from the results

The results area will then display different sources for your episode – choose one by using the down arrow to the right. The video will download to your Downloads folder by default. You can change the default download location in WatchMe Preferences.

If you have Videobox installed on your Mac, you can use the VB icon to download the episode with more format options

To go directly to a particular episode, after selecting the “Show seasons” icon for a TV series from the results area, if you know season and episode number, you can enter that into the Search box as a shortcut using the standard season/episode format – s00e00 – Note lower case “s” & “e”, two digit, no spaces format.

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