I had excellent technical service experience with the crew at Tasty Apps. In this modern age, it can very hard to get quality service, especially on a technical level. These guys really knew their stuff and were so detailed in their advice, that it actually restored my troubled Mac Pro back to peak performance. Very, very impressed. Tasty Apps sets a standard of service that the whole country can and should follow as an example. — Sean Davey, http://seandavey.com

(...) diligent, tenacious and relentless product support (...) — Danny McCall, http://www.talentsphere.com

A ground-breaking & revolutionary array of software for Mac, Tasty-Apps' products and further tech support is so reliable - I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone. — Ryan

I've been using TastyApps' products (Videobox, Musicbox, Web Snapper, and FlagIt!) since 2009. I'm a huge fan of their products, and have also become a huge fan of their Technical Support. As a Macintosh Consultant and Software Instructor, this is not a phrase I often have the opportunity to say, and in the case of TastyApps, I'm more than pleased to be able to say it. (...) I can't say enough good things about TastyApps' Support Services. I heartily recommend their software, their company, and their Tech Support. — Stephanie Gans, http://www.aym4training.com

I didn’t use my copy of VideoBox much UNTIL I discovered that it can convert Elgato EyeTV MPEG2 files (QuickTime Pro cannot). If ever Easy VHS to DVD crashes while converting a recording (It records in MPEG2 format) – the ONLY App I have that CAN convert the leftover MPEG2 files to QuickTime MOV is VideoBox. So, Instead of paying Apple $20 for a Quick time MPEG2 Converting Plugin: I recommend you Buy VideoBox for $15 to do the Exact same Job! — Carl McCall, http://softwaresanta.com/

(...) the renew license was very easy to use and in minutes my VideoBox was working. In a time where support for most companies really sucks—I appreciate your quick and thorough turnaround to my issue—thanks for the support. — Scott Medina, http://www.isminc.com

June 20, 2018



Tasty Mac applications...that just work!

But don't let that simple interface fool you. Our TastyApps are quite powerful.

VideoboxPro can do more than just download videos. If you have existing videos, you can convert those to one of over 25 preset formats for viewing on different platforms. Or you can custom set the output format for special needs. And, when available, VideoboxPro can also capture English sub-titles from YouTube videos.

VideoboxPro also allows users to capture just the audio from videos, from the web or already on your Mac, and convert it into popular audio formats for playback on your audio devices.

Web Snapper can make mulitpage PDF files from multiple webpage captures and can append headers and footers to the page for clarity or identification.

Learn how...and more, in the Tutorials below.